Blunted Athletics - Rider/ Artist Owned and Operated Since 2OO5

image Blunted Athletics was created in May of 2005 by Chi Hom; a freshman at The Art Institute of California - San Diego. He was deemed an overachiever by his classmates, and quickly became friends with several talented like-minded students. Senior year brought on the glue that would mold Blunted Athletics to its current shape as he began working for Osiris Shoes. In 2008 an Internship was acquired at Osiris Shoes in the apparel department as a product developer. It was here that Chi would gain his professional knowledge, vendor sources and relationships for future use to further the progress of Blunted Athletics. Three years working for Osiris designing anything from tee shirts, wallets, socks, to cut n sew items… He had learned it all. Now the time had came for him to take a chance and go all in on something he believes in, Blunted Athletics.

Originally heavily based on skateboarding, a partnership with Subrosa Pro Lahsaan Kobza in early 2011 would change that to BMX real fast. Lahsaan quickly assembled arguably one of the best teams in BMX today. Along with our new team came a large following in the BMX industry as kids began to pour onto our twitter and facebook accounts from across the world. Blunted Athletics has since then been featured in almost every BMX website out there from Transworld, Vital, The Union to The Come Up. Blunted Athletics has also been featured in several online fashion magazines such as and highlighting our apparel and accessories. Currently Blunted Athletics continues to grow and learn as a young brand.