Lahsaan Kobza killin it in and around San Diego.

Super fun times in LOS VEGAS with my boys Matt Closson, Zack Kessler and Jeff Wescott. Waking up at 9 am to the windy day keeps happy times rollin and the brews crackin.haha. Thanks homies! - Tammy Mccarley

Jeff Wescott was just added to the Amity Team with Tammy Jane and they shredded Tammys local city of El Cajon, CA for a day of partying. Enjoy -Miles

These are some older but still rad and FUN clips that Lahsaan and I scrounged together in a Chula Vista session. Other random nugs at the end with our boy Ty Morrow. thanks friends. - Tammy

Tammy McCarley and Ricky lopez shred Morrell park in vegas on their trip, here some clips from that night, enjoy!

Tammy McCarley, Cam Hardy, and Ricky Lopez hit the road from San Diego to Las Vegas. Enjoy!

The team has been hard at work all year filming for this that and another thing. Staying true to Coalition their goodies always find a way to our editing room. We want to thank our guys for all their hard work and loyalty. With that said here it is, the “Two Track Attack”. The accumulation of random trips, clips and all out bangers from our amazing team. Edited by Mr. Tammy Jane


Lahsaan and Miles show us around Chula Park.

Lahsaan gives us the lowdown the the new Vans Shadow colab shoe.

Tammy McCarley and Friends get wild in the park

Blunted Athletics teamed up with Hip-Hop artist BALIAN to film and direct his debut music video "Split Personalities" (My Love) | Produced By: Balian | Directed/Filmed By: Chi Hom

My boy Lahsaan was gone for Piffmas this year but great times as planned were had with my homie Jon Stafford. Kid is unreal and its always fun and productive riding with him. El Cajon once again provided the spot partys throughout the day. MARY PIFFMAS! 69

I've been through a few projects that im happy with so I boofed around with clips I was pumped on from my Coalition and Sunday edits with some random nugs mixed in. Big thanks to all my good homies that filmed for meech, Fun shit. Cause it's just anotha day in the life..... -Tammy

HAHA!. Great times. When the swap meets closed on a murky day, you lurk an industrial complex and find a party rail. You have a great time and you fuckin SAY SUMTIN! Lahsaan had the prurpleist of kush ankles but managed to shred life hard wit me and keep shit ++RIPPY.-Tammy

The Shadow Conspiracy shreds through Nevada, Arizona, and California. Featuring: Trey Jones, Paul Ryan, Lahsaan Kobza, Scott Ditchburn, Drew Bezanson, Niki Croft, and Albert Mercado.

Right after the Vans and Sun Diego AM SLAM at Vans "The Block" skatepark, Alexis was still hungry and wanted to take the 15 min drive to the VOLCOM park in Orange County. Get ready for sock duct tape knee pads, handstands, n backflips...Enjoy!!!

Tammy McParty & Lahsaan Kobza spend a day at the Santa Clarita skatepark

Random old clips. Wanna party. -Tammy

Biketober fest 2010 at Clairemont Skatepark featuring Lahsaan Kobza, Tammy McCarley, Chad Kerley, Hoang Tran, and many more. The original contest got rained out... However the weather let up long enough for a JAM to go down... And go down it did!!!

TP and Tommy Sandoval hit the Berrics during a LRG film sesh... Time was extremely limited, this is what TP came back with... enjoy. Thanks to TP / LRG / and T Gunz as usual!

Tommy Sandoval gets his fortune told by the one and only ZOLTAR!

Me and my lil homie Steven Caton went down to this shred bridge one sunday afternoon after the rain started to fall. We partied uder this dark bridge for around an hour and boofed this up! FUN SHIT! -Tammy

This is our first trailer for Get Used To It. G.U.T.I. is being filmed right now and will be out when it's done.

Blunted Athletics goes behind the scenes at Street League Las Vegas! Featuring commentary appearances by: TK, Mike Mo, and Tommy Sandoval! Huge thanks to Tommy!!! Seriously such a good Homie, I hope to be able to repay him for this one day!

Go under-cover with David McCray as he treats the homie into a tasty trashy treat! So efffin funny watch this now!

Tammy doing well... TAMMY! Nugs! party with us!

This shred has been collected throughout the summer here in southern california. A bunch of random different sessions where we partied really hard has created this super fun make and watch! Ridaz: Lahsaan Kobza,Connor Lodes,Chad Kerley,Steven Mack,Donald Rios,and myself. . 6669- Tammy

Big shout out the out to our dude Ivan Ortiz for his 3rd place finish at the best trick contest for crossroads retail convention 2010.

Tammy tossed some recently filmed clips of Lahsaan rolling around SD down to Ray Charles, a smooth, fine combination not even a bunk ankle could sour.

Blunted Athletics 30 second commercial - After Effects

TP's board goes heads up with a machine! who will win?

Chris's board goes heads up with a machine! who will win?