"Matt Closson made the switch back to his home turf of southern California and has been steadily cruisin' with the ODI BMX street crew. He has been running our grips since he was racing 8 expert in the 90's. We enjoy riders that support us so seemed fitting to bring Matt on board for 2014 and support him."-ODI

Broc Raiford and Hoang Tran got the invite to Ecuador to hang out at El Coca Extremo, a contest a remote jungle town deep in the Amazon rainforest. That sounded awesome, so we jumped on the opportunity and afterwards headed to Quito, Ecuador's capital and thriving metropolis, for some street riding. Check out part one of this two-part series that focuses on our journey to Coca and our time at the contest, and stay tuned for the street riding edit on Monday.

Our dudes Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, and Lahsaan Kobza all spent a week at Woodward West to film this edit for Subrosa at the Woodward West's 2013 Team Shootout.

Our dude John Stafford teams up with a few friends for some amazing riding on some local spots. These dudes are dialed... Credit: Miles Rogoish

Tammy is a damn machine that shoots out wild lines and positivity…even when getting shut down by the cops. Check this edit courtesy of Miles Rogoish. -Ryan Fudger

Our dude Matt Closson spent the whole summer stacking up these clips, and put it together for Diamondback. Lots of slams n hams to be seen in this edit.

Our dude Tammy McCarley got selected to be a part of the Mongoose Jam going off in Woodward, PA. How did the Mongoose captains choose their teams? Which campers made it through the Selection Session? And which Mongoose Team Captain talks the most trash? Find out in the "Meet the Teams" video.

Last month the Shadow crew of Lahsaan Kobza, Johnny Devlin, and Caleb Quanbeck headed to the mean streets of Detroit for a stop on our infamous KIL Keep it Local tour. Along the way they headed to Transitions Ramp Park and got down with some of the locals. Check out the session and keep your eyes peeled for the full Michigan trip video coming soon!-shadow

Lahsaan Kobza talks bikes n memories with Crooked World BMX.

Our Dude Mariano Santiago just had his welcome edit drop for the shadow conspiracy. Enjoy!