This is the second Trailer for Subrosa's Get Used To It DVD. You'll notice it's a lot of the dudes repping BLNTD products, super hyped on this trailer. Video in progress.

Blunted Athletics Fashion Show and Makeshift aka King Choosey's CD release party in San Diego CA.

Fve steezy tricks and some insight on Lahsaan's BMX brain.

Made my way to the Chula park to film this lil nugget! Little Alexis made the finals but re-injured his ancle and had to bow out of the compitition. This edit is a fun one, great skating and great tunes! yeah tuneSSSS this is a three track party!

Dennis Enarson chose Josh Harrington and Tammy McCarley for his team, and the tricks they all threw down will blow you away. Second place, and big props to this crew.

I recently went up to Oregon for 10 days to stay and shred with some close friends of mine who acually helped me film this and did a rad job. Super fun times cant thank my boys enough for the help and the party- David Grant, Matt Colisch, Chippy and Shawn -TM

LK and I met up with Jeremy Pavia at Garvanza Skatepark for a little shred away from all the X games craziness this weekend, also an added Chadwick appearance! Enjoy -MR

The Vans / Sun Diego AM SLAM was HUGE!!! These Young-guns show us how it gets done. Impossible lip whaaaa??? Peep game.